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During the fight scene, your SFX volume plummets. The music was far louder, and it made them seem muted.

The spitting gag cracked me up. When he breaks the gun and the gun has it's own ghost, I laughed my ass off. Then the death scene.

Very well done.

Your choices for this visual reinterpretation were stellar. Snaking her in with a box, little N7 armor guy on your shoulder, offering the girl a mushroom while she's thinking of the Mega Buster, and about a dozen other nuggets of gold.

Outstanding sense of timing and humor.

Also, btchz b tripn'

I don't get it, man. This series isn't that great on paper, or when I try to describe it to somebody, but these little Armenian goofballs just charm me every time. It's not as funny as some of the other stuff out there, but there's a certain je ne sais quoi to your characters that have made me fall in love with them.

As usual, 5/5.

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Outstanding game.

I strongly suggest paying the 5 euros and playing Chapter 2. Now I cannot wait until Chapter 3, and can only hope that the game gets funded.

Maaan. I loved the other two SO much, and I was especially excited about this one because I recognized more of the references than ever before (like, all of them, including the ones that weren't clickable).

Feels like you were sitting on gold and you let it slip through your fingers by not adding the quiz element to this one! It was fun seeing my old favorites all over the place, but the one thing that separates this from just getting the poster and looking at it is actually having to scrounge through and find them based on your old memories. That's what makes these fun to me, so I think you should just make this one the same way as those.

It's not too late! Go do it! Go go go!

-Very- impressed with this one. The keyboard + mouse controlling two different entities on screen has been done before, but so rarely that I would still call this an original. I thought the parts where you had to move your ships in between the gaps (of enemies or actual walls) were especially entertaining and challenging. This game bore several instances where so much is going on, you convince yourself that you'll break concentration at any moment and everything will go to Hell. But you just keep your eyes wide open, and before you know it, there are the credits.

And can I just say, the music was -stellar- high-voltage, 8-bit shooter madness. It sincerely sounded like a Contra + Megaman Mashup (which makes me want to dancefight), especially the *crash* sound at the end of the Title track.

Well freakin' done amigo.

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This is breathtakingly cool. It just conveys everything that you set out to, the adventure, the moxy, the "this is MY house" of it all.

A large butt/thighs is a sign of strength, and anyone who would be able to fight/kill Ridley would also have that going on. You can all keep your skinny chicken-legged women, I like a girl who can boxjump and deadlift.

.....................................................they're gonna kiss.

Yeah, the stuff in your comments went over my head, but there's a certain derivative power that comes from this piece that I can't deny. It is now the background on my work desktop. Thank you for your art. I can't stop staring at it.

Look at the nearest electrical socket and imagine it as a tiny screaming face. Now, try to unimagine it as a tiny screaming face. You can't. Merry Christmas.

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